Neil metahaiku

the Warp is the play
static flowing images
on Neil's glowing loom.

pure simple beacons
set in imagination
acted out by friends.

history lessons
moral dilemmas explored

slapstick comedy
pointers to a better life
and loads more besides.

much fun had by all
in this crucible of cool
let the good times rule.


Warp Experience
is the coming together
of four elements.

we bring together
warp, weft, shuttle and the loom
to make our future.

bring reality
to interacting chaos
and go with the flow.

light to dark places
love to sisters and brothers
hope to a sad world.

somewhere to boogie
and to strut our fancy stuff
and to get wasted.

somewhere to be at
somewhere to make a living
and to make a life.

intertribal meeting place
womb of the divine.


are we weft or warp
in this new incarnation
of the hippy dream?

to guide the shuttle,
to create another loom
are choices open.

display our patterns
in the weft of our dancing
or chill with the warp?

one identity?
all aspects within ourselves?
...none at all is cool...

choose the path with love
be peaceful with your lover
let your own light shine. 




in the dying embers of a chaotic century
thewarpexperience came into being

dearest mother goddess whore we salute you and thank you for your being

dearest chum and buddy and lover and father of the child within my spirit
we greet you and mourn you in your passing

at the end of the century of despair
when we finally fucked up and lost it
a flower grew from beatfreak soil

and was wondrous in her growth and lived and had her being
and filled us all with joy and wisdom

it was a short life and we are sad
but we are all now disciples of a crucified goddess

we were there

we have a story to tell

let us tell it with dignity and joy and foolishness

and let us build our temples with care



watch your mandelbrot

and count the flowers

and krishna colours

and kiss the air while you breathe