rummaging for fagends
there's a psychedelic breakfast for you
mustn't grumble
take a tumble
spin dry trip and fumble
as flitter glistens
sparkle symbols
sparking  from a lady's eye
to phat sounds
bearing down
rounded myopia
here's one no-hopeya more
on Valhalla's kerbstone yet again
with grit and sandwiches
mashing in the mosh-pit
having to spit
on the ground to pass the time ......

never mind .....

the untamed abra-ca-now
sees a glisten
maybe should listen
pick up on glissando
strobe to flash - and now - flash
in babylon
while captain amerika again ..... yes , blah blah blah
so roll that flesh and march us on
heres jubilation
or i don't know what....!!


and by the way ..
oh yes ?
oh, nothing much
and here you are in life
connections flash
life coursing through
and yes-I
Jah Rastara-I
and ebb and flow
with kindly thoughts
to daughter's thoughts
through hello thoughts
to pause perhaps
and bliss-dream on
to chance upon
another wonder to behold
caught right there
at the edge of nothing



rock and roll
up for the show
in the days before
as a pause for rest
and relaxation
as we sway with hair-swept air
and sail far on
to mumble around again
and pass the time of day
with travellers tales
and oh I got so stoned
and catching up on gossip
and stretch our limbs
and here them motherfukin' hymns again
and paeons
to the underground
as here around
a whisp here caught on the breeze
sillouettes to trees in the garden
where clouds gather again
and mist settles
on bondage unicorns
in uniforms
and marching on again
to beano-blokedom
mashing brains to say
the same old thing
once more
and istn't it just
and oh , perhaps
i say chaps
repec' my space
cos i'm gonna strut my stuff
big it up and fill it out
.. if you dont mind ..
xept save a place
for the fukin troll at the door
one mean emma effa
you wanna cuddle
and soothe and . never mind
but hey you know
its just god and each one of us
and if you cant take the heat
better beat a retreat
back to the street
or momma
and if she aint there
cant help you , son



here's a love
and here textured essence of being
the one hand spins
from womb-drawn traceries
fluorescent silks
with laser sparkles
and the age of miracles
is upon us
once again


and yet again the dawn
tipped fingers of an unnamed hue
comes to say
yes it's you
again and still

and here we end our days
contented blissment on our face
karmic cycle finally broken
felt upon looking ...

...... what's that i smell cookin ?

and here come hurdy gurdy carnival

round the corner

drifting on that force ten breeze again


blimmin 'eck

nuff repec'

and just because ...


while crepuscular precipice
teeters wide beneath our feet
and sapphire-diamond-cutting edge
illuminates the spiral ledge
as laser echoes sonic-boom
from hidden landscapes
open up to swallow us whole
and spit us out
on corner-drizzle London ...


... so come inside , no loss
... and just because


and here inside
furled in amber roseations
energy creations
making nations of us all


flash zither patters
vein traceries
whirl and twirl
on a querty interface
as digital melds with continuum
and here it is at
in the spaces in between
nestled in velvet
to smithereen in diamond fractals
flowing in sculptured sound
and sistah-fuckin-dj
i say
that wasn't half good

body surf to loss of functioning