the warp experience ... .... was the death throes of the twentieth century and the flowering and seeding of that spirit born through jazz and emancipation and nurtured through beat poets through hippies ,rock'n'roll and alienation to dance music extacy of our present time .
it is the birth pangs we are still living through of our twenty-first century.

people of energy met at a place of power and all diverse factions of alternative society exchanged energy each with the other and gained strength through collaboration . bridges were built , gateways shown , barriers dissolved , thresholds extended , fun had , new realms explored , new friends made and old friends re-acquainted . Niel , Fraser , Daisy and Adam all converged from their disparate galaxies of our universe along with their cohorts and confreres and sisters ; formed a fireball and super-novaed into the now getting on for dozens of clubs and party organisations that hold the warp experience as their influence and heritage .

it is the definitive template for clubbing !

it was home while we were there .

it was the focus of fear and object of terror for those who saw their own power over the world being dissolved by the forces of nature and evolution ; for those whose spiritual sway over others wanes with the democratisation of numinosity ; and for those whose fear of the unknown delays self-realisation and growth . it is under attack by right-wing religious fundamentalism , by jobsworth council workers open to bribary and corruption , by London gangland , and it is under attack from global capitalism and from our own personal egos and from the daemons and wraiths released by our nudge forward along evolution's path when we came together and performed magick . it is defended on many thousands of unique fronts ; at gatherings throughout the country and throughout the world and daily in our homes and our relationships .

the warp experience was not predominantly a fluffy affair . spirituality was not it's sole focus love is not all of the only answer and peace does not automatically test us to our finest hour

luv'n'peace , anyhow


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